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Sent With Love

A 501c3 not-for-profit organization committed to aiding the recovery process for adolescents and teenagers struggling with eating disorders.

Here at Sent With Love, we are driven by our dream of improving the road to recovery for all people dealing with negative self-image, especially with body image disorders. We strive to help treatment facilities offer a healing experience where patients feel cared for and loved. We work with hospitals and other treatment providers with flexibility and personalized attention for each shipment.




Writing Letters

Members of our organization write thoughtful letters to patients struggling with body image at hospitals. Our goal with this initiative is to remind these recovering fighters that they are valued and that the world cares.


Buying Gifts for Patients

Using fundraised money and generous donations from our supporters, we buy gifts such as fidget toys and craft supplies to send with our packages. Our next goal is to work with institutions to receive lists of gifts that specific patients would like, and then send those gifts over to them.


Spreading Love Locally

At Sent With Love, we are dedicated to improving the world by helping the people around us. We always spread kindness to the people around us, and we strive to make a difference for the hospitals in our area.


Bringing in Inspiring Speakers

We contact mental health advocates, eating disorder specialists, and body positive creators nearby to share their insights with our community.

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Amalie Lee, Redefining Beauty

"The moments where recovery feels the most painful are often the ones [where] you are making the most progress, because it indicates you are actively challenging your demons. Keep on pushing forwards even when the eating disorder voice screams at you. Things tend to scream when dying."

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